Dental Services for You on a Saturday

Dental Services for You on a Saturday

Oct 01, 2020

Nothing is more alarming than experiencing a dental emergency, especially on the weekend. Unlike other issues, dental emergencies can’t wait until Monday when all dental offices are open. That’s is why you need to find a Saturday dentist near you.

However, such dentists are hard to track down, especially those providing all dental services. Thankfully, at Dental experts, you will find the services you need even on a Saturday.

What Do Saturday Dentists Do?

A Saturday dentist will offer all the essential services you need when your family dentist is not available. Our Saturday dentist in Hutto, TX, understands we have tight schedules during the week. Therefore, the dentist provides all the services we would need. Apart from our busy schedules, we can experience emergency dental situations.

The services your Saturday dentist can provide includes:

Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry involves oral care services that aim to prevent further dental complications. The procedures help in avoiding cavities, gum diseases, and enamel wear and tear. The most basic form of preventive dental care is daily brushing and flossing.

Professional preventive dental care procedures include:

  • Regular professional cleanings and dental exams. Dentists recommend professional cleanings every six months. However, according to your work schedule, you don’t have time for a dental appointment during the week. In such a scenario, a Saturday dentist would be the best option.
  • X-rays. X-rays are part of dental exams. With the images, your dentist can diagnose any issues and offer treatment before further complications.
  • Oral cancer screenings. Oral cancer is fatal in its advanced stages. However, it is treatable in the early stages. Therefore you can visit any available dentist for screening during the week or Saturday, depending on your schedule.
  • Dental sealants. Sealants prevent further development of cavities. Therefore, if you have signs of cavities, you should seek dental sealants as soon as you can.
  • Fluoride treatments. Just like other preventive procedures, fluoride treatments are equally significant. Your Saturday dentist will prioritize the fluoride treatments, just like any other procedure.
  • Protective mouthguards. To protect your teeth from injury or trauma, a mouthguard would be your best option.

Root canal treatment is also one of the preventive dentistry procedures, your Saturday dentist in Hutto can perform.

Restorative Dentistry

Sometimes, we might lose one or more teeth due to injury. Other times, the teeth can be badly decayed, thus needing a replacement. In such a case, your dentist can recommend the following procedures:

  • Tooth fillings. Your dentist can use amalgam fillings to fill cavities and prevent their development. However, the dentist can fill a chipped or broken tooth with the amalgam material restoring the tooth’s functions and shape.
  • Crowns. Just as fillings, crowns can restore the shape and functionalities of a broken tooth.
  • Dental implants. Implants act as roots to missing teeth. A titanium screw placed in the jawbone holds a tooth cap, thus acting as a replacement for your missing tooth.

Emergency Dentistry

During the weekend, especially Saturday, we are involved in recreational and sports activities. We can get involved in accidents that knock out our teeth. In such a case, you will need a dentist who will provide treatments immediately. With most dental clinics closed, a Saturday dentist would be your best option.

Other emergencies the dentist can address include:

  • Toothache
  • Gum infections
  • Abscess
  • Bleeding
  • Chipped or broken crowns

Cosmetic Services

Although most cosmetic procedures are not considered to be essential, your Saturday dentist can provide them. When your smile is not attractive, you might be compelled to seek help from a dentist. With cosmetic dental services, you can get your smile back.

Some of the cosmetic dental services include:

  • Teeth whitening to treat staining and discoloration
  • Dental veneers to restore misshapen teeth
  • Composite bonding to increase the size of teeth and fill gaps
  • Enamel abrasion
  • Invisalign and traditional braces

Benefits of a Saturday Dentist

One of the benefits of a Saturday dentist is convenience. Monday to Friday being the busy workdays for most people, dental services on a Saturday will serve your needs without affecting your work.

Since some employers do not give their workers time off for a dental appointment, you will have to schedule them on the weekends or in the evening. Therefore, Saturday dentistry will provide you with peace of mind since you will have no pressure concerning work.