Dental Veneers for Flawless Smile during Christmas

Dental Veneers for Flawless Smile during Christmas

Dec 01, 2019

Teeth whitening is a common way to render a sparkling white tooth and a gorgeous smile. Dental veneers are also another option to improve your smile and boost your confidence. Dental veneers are wafer-thin, custom-made coverings that are placed over the visible part of the tooth. Dental veneers resemble natural teeth and find application in the correction of a wide range of dental issues.

Be it the stained teeth that cannot be whitened or worn and chipped tooth, the application of dental veneers provides a flawless tooth. Often you might have uneven or large spaces between the front tooth, and that cannot be concealed evenly. Before Christmas, you can visit a dentist to get the dental veneers applied to cover your crooked tooth and boost your confidence with a flawless smile.

Procedure for Getting Dental Veneer

Dental veneers are prepared from composite materials or porcelain. The porcelain veneers are more widespread and find more application, mainly due to these factors:

  • Porcelain veneers are stronger and last relatively longer.
  • It can be fitted easily, and lesser tooth enamel needs to be removed as compared to while fixing a crown or cap.
  • They are more natural-looking and do not stain easily.

The first step to get a dental veneer is diagnosis and planning. You should explain the results you desire to the dentist, and the professional might examine your teeth to guide with the best veneer. The impression would be taken to prepare the veneer as these are custom-made. X-rays of the jaws may be performed to obtain the best results.

To start with, the dentist would reshape your tooth surface of a thickness equal to the width of the veneer. Local anesthesia might be administered to reduce the pain while trimming the enamel.

Before the bonding of the veneer, your teeth would be cleaned, polished, and etched, which roughens the surface considerably and enables better bonding of the veneers. Before fixing the veneer permanently, it is temporarily placed to ensure proper fitting and color adjustment. Once properly set, the dentist often uses a special light beam that activates cementing chemicals in and fastens the bonding process.

Composite Resin Veneers

As the name suggests, resin veneers are prepared from a mixture of substances and teeth-color resins that are fixed over the visible part of the tooth. The only way resin veneers are better from porcelain veneers is that a lesser amount of enamel is scrubbed here and is relatively cheaper.

On the contrary to porcelain veneers, the resin veneers do not last long and need frequent replacement. Moreover, these chemically administered components often pose a threat to the gums and enamel.

Things You Should Know About Veneers

To get veneers, you should have healthy teeth and gums. Veneers hide the flaws in teeth shape and color, but not unhealthy gums. You should also avoid veneers if you clench or grind your teeth. Veneers might break under pressure, and you might need a tooth guard to protect the veneers.

The planning needs to be perfect. Once the enamel is scrubbed off and you get the veneers fixed, it cannot be reversed. So “look before you leap.” It is always better to discuss the pros and cons elaborately with the professional before deciding.

After you get the veneers, you need to be extra careful to avoid biting fingernails and chewing or biting hard objects as veneers are breakable when subjected to pressure. You would need a few days to get accustomed to the foreign object over your teeth. You might also need to intimate the dentist for any issues with the grip and fitting of the veneers. Another important practice is to maintain oral hygiene. You can always get tartar or cavities around the veneers. So, brushing is flossing your teeth is a must.

Are Crowns Better?

Now that depends on how you determine the meaning of “better.” Generally, crowns are used to strengthen the week tooth, while veneers are used to conceal the defects of the tooth. Crowns are more of a medical treatment where a substantial part of the teeth needs to be removed. On the contrary, veneers provide a cosmetic effect.

What are you waiting for? Just consult your dentist and go for veneers to conceal the irregularities of the teeth and smile brightly during the Christmas.