Dentist in Hutto Explains the Signs of an Unhealthy Smile

Dentist in Hutto Explains the Signs of an Unhealthy Smile

Jul 16, 2019

People generally do not understand the symptoms of an unhealthy smile. More often than none, this becomes the cause of oral cancer or other major illnesses. It is hence recommended to get regular check-ups done.

What are the signs of poor oral health?

Workload, stress and other related factors have the potential to harm your oral health. Dental Experts based in Hutto explains some signs of an unhealthy smile.

Bad breath

Many people ignore bad breath. It occurs either due to bacterial accumulation or gum infection. Bad breath can lead to major oral diseases. It is the mouth’s way of warning before any risk arises.

Bleeding gums

Often you might find your gums bleeding. This is another indication of an unhealthy smile. It is advised to see a dentist soon to avoid gum diseases.

Canker sores

Canker sores which develop at the base of your gums are quite painful. It develops as a consequence of stress or bacterial infection. You need to visit your dentist in time to evade bigger issues.


Presence of saliva in the mouth helps in escaping various mouth contaminations. Dryness is mainly the result of canker sores as it prevents saliva formation in the mouth. It can also happen when you are not consuming enough water. Lack of sodium in your diet can be yet another cause of dryness.

Dryness can lead to bleeding gums as well as tooth decay. So, it is better to take advice from your dentists continuously and circumvent such mishaps.

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