In a Dental Emergency? Here’s What You Need to Know?

In a Dental Emergency? Here’s What You Need to Know?

Aug 01, 2021

Dental emergencies have a knack for catching you flat-footed. You might be having a nice time in the park or doing house chores, and the next thing you know, you need emergency dentistry in Hutto.

Dental emergencies, just like any other emergency, will escalate quickly, and you will need the services of our dentist near you. Sadly, you can never anticipate or even predict when you will be in a dental emergency. Therefore, there’s a high probability that you will not book an appointment with our dentist in Hutto, TX. However, you are likely to visit our practice as a walk-in patient.

What if there was a way of reducing your stress if you are in a dental emergency? Let’s see how you can prepare for such situations.

How to Prepare for a Dental Emergency?

The glaring characteristic of a dental emergency is unpredictability. So, you might think that it’s counterintuitive to prepare for it. However, it is prudent to get ready for an emergency and be lucky enough not to experience one than to be underprepared and find yourself in the thick of things.

One of the excellent ways of preparing yourself is knowing an emergency dentist near you. Most people mistakenly assume that their regular dentist will always be available. When you have the contacts of our dentist in 78634 beforehand, you can cut down the time, which will give you some peace of mind during this stressful time.

Since dental emergencies need to be dealt with promptly, knowing where you can go will help you get the care you need on time.

How Do You Tell If You Are in a Dental Emergency?

One of the things that throw most people off is not differentiating between a non-emergency and a dental emergency. The reason is that whenever something happens to you that may cause pain or discomfort, it may seem like an emergency. So, to make it easy, go with this general rule of thumb. If whatever you are facing can wait for a day or two before you see our dentist in Hutto, TX, then you aren’t in an emergency.

So, peel your eyes for the following indicators of a dental emergency:

  • You have a persistent toothache
  • Your jaw is locked
  • You have experienced trauma to the mouth
  • You have a sore that has been around for more than two weeks
  • Your tooth is broken or cracked
  • You have pain that radiates from to your jaw, neck or ear
  • You have a swelling
  • You have an avulsed tooth
  • You have persistent bleeding within or around your mouth
  • You have an infection characterized by fever, foul breath, gum inflammation, and tooth sensitivity

Some of the Prevalent Dental Emergencies

Some of the prevalent dental emergencies that our dentist Hutto, TX, treats are:

    • Abscessed Tooth

This refers to a tooth that has an infection at the root. This is one of the severe dental issues that need to be dealt with straight away. If you don’t get treatment, it may spread and can be life-threatening.

You will notice that you have a tooth infection if you have foul breath, gum inflammation, fever, toothache, and tooth sensitivity. Our dentist will drain the pus pocket and treat the infection. Our dentist near you will determine whether your tooth will be salvaged during the procedure or if your tooth needs to be pulled.

    • Fractured Teeth

If your tooth is cracked or fractured and you are in pain, you should get the tooth checked out immediately. This is because the fracture might have reached inside the tooth.

    • Cuts and Lacerations

Any cuts or lacerations within or around your mouth, which are incessantly bleeding, require prompt attention. If treatment is not delivered promptly, it may result in excessive blood loss.

You can try rinsing out your mouth to reduce the bleeding as you make your way to see our dentist.

    • An Avulsed Tooth

Most of the time, teeth get knocked out due to trauma. If this happens, rush to our office within 30 minutes after the incident. This is because the affected tooth can be reattached, but the tooth’s viability decreases quickly.

So, when you are in an emergency, remember to contact our dentist at Dental Experts.