Dental Prophylaxis

Dental Prophylaxis in Hutto TX

When it comes to your child and their smile, you probably want it to be as healthy, strong and beautiful as possible, right? At Dental Experts we couldn’t agree more and are proud to offer various pediatric dentistry treatment options perfect for your little one. Dental Prophylaxis is Pflugerville is something we recommend to all of our patients, especially children. While a child’s smile is developing, they are still learning the tactics and skills necessary for proper dental care and oral hygiene, often resulting in missed areas and an increased risk of tooth decay, cavities, infections, and even periodontal gum disease. At Dental Experts, we recommend that children visit us for their first examination and cleaning when their first tooth erupts, following that, bi-annual visits are recommended. Has your child had their first dental appointment? If not, contact Dental Exerts today to schedule an appointment.

Importance of Pediatric Dental Prophylaxis

Did you know that tooth decay is the leading chronic condition among children aged 6-19? Gum disease also affects more than 64 million Americans. Both of these conditions can be completely avoided with proper at-home and professional dental care, especially professional dental prophylaxis.

Getting a Pediatric Dental Cleaning

During a dental cleaning, your child’s dentist will use specialized tools, knowledge, and experience to ensure that every corner of their mouth is completely cleaned (even those areas they frequently miss). By removing the bacteria, plaque, and tartar that builds up, we can greatly reduce your child’s risk of tooth decay, cavities, infection, and even gum disease.

How Often Should My Child Receive Dental Prophylaxis?

At Dental Experts we recommend that children visit us at least every 6 months for routine, preventive dental care. During a routine visit, both a dental examination and dental prophylaxis will be performed.

Schedule a Hutto Dental Cleaning Today

When is the last time your child had a routine dental cleaning in Hutto, TX? If it has been longer than 6 months, we recommend contacting Dental Experts today for an appointment. We are always welcoming new smiles at our practice and would be happy to treat your little one. We also provide dental prophylaxis in Round Rock, Georgetown, Pflugerville, Hutto and Taylor.