Exams & Cleanings

High Quality Dental Exams And Cleanings For Your Hutto Area Smile

Regular dental exams and cleanings from an experienced dental team are an essential way to ensure your smile remains healthy and protected. Our staff in Dental Experts, which is located in Hutto, provide a wide range of treatments to families in the local area. However, prior to receiving any of these treatments, our staff encourage frequent dental exams & cleanings in Hutto, TX. There are several different benefits for these appointments, including giving your dentist the opportunity to diagnose and begin treatment plans for individuals. What is involved in dental cleanings and exams and how can they maintain the health of your smile? Keep on reading on to learn more about these essential appointments.

What Are Dental Exams In Hutto?

Both dental exams and dental cleanings in Round Rock are recommended to take place at least twice a year. Individuals with specific situations may require more frequent appointments. A dental exam is typically performed by a dentist and simply begins with a visual exam. They will check on any past restorations and look out for any areas of concern, such as tooth decay or gum disease. Oral cancer screenings are also done during this time in order to ensure out patient’s health. A series of x-rays are often taken to allow your dentist to see what is beneath the surface.

What Are Dental Cleanings In Hutto?

Dental cleanings are typically performed by a dental hygienist at your Dental Experts location. Initially, they will clean each individual tooth with a series of special tools. The smile will then be polished for a fresh and clean finish. Your dentist may recommend a professional fluoride treatment to further protect your teeth.

These regular appointments that are taken place at least twice a year, are an essential aspect that allows our dental team to diagnose and begin specific treatment plans for your situation. Contact our dental team to see which treatments can help benefit your smile and keep up with your oral health. Call Dental Experts today to schedule your appointment today with our Hutto team for periodontal cleaning, dental exams & teeth cleanings in Pflugerville, Round Rock, Georgetown, Taylor and Hutto, TX.