Root Canals

Root Canals Treatment in Hutto TX

Root canal therapy is a dental procedure that lets you keep a natural tooth even after that tooth’s roots have been infected, weakened or damaged. If a cavity in the outer enamel continues to dissolve inward without treatment, eventually the infection will reach the pulp chamber in the heart of the tooth. This infection takes root easily due to the many blood vessels inside the pulp. As the infection grows, pus will put pressure on the tooth roots, causing a great deal of pain. The infection has to be halted before it spreads from the roots into the jawbone itself. Tooth abscesses do not heal on their own. The pain may go away after the infection kills the tooth nerves, but it will continue to eat into flesh and bone until it is stopped.

Root Canals at Dental Experts in Hutto

A root canal prevents tooth loss, prevents the infection from spreading, and eliminates pain., preserves the tooth and relieves pain. It involves drilling out the infected pulp chamber, removing the infected pulp material and nerve, cleaning and disinfecting the root chamber, and resealing the tooth.

A root canal specialist performs a root canal treatment in this order:

  • The root canal dentist in Georgetown numbs the tooth’s nerve and all surrounding tissues. This is usually the only uncomfortable part of the procedure, but your dental professional at Dental Experts in Hutto will check with you many times during the procedure to make sure you’re comfortable.
  • The dentist drills into the exterior decayed area, removing the purulent area, until the pulp chamber is opened.
  • Pus is released and cleaned out, along with all dead material. The tooth’s nerve is also removed. This is absolutely painless.
  • The narrow chambers where the nerve roots were housed are cleaned and disinfected.
  • Next, your dentist uses precise instruments to shape the canals to the exact degree needed to be filled with sealant.
  • Your dentist fills the empty root canals and tooth chamber with sealant.
  • All holes will be filled and sealed. A temporary crown is placed.
  • After about a week of healing, you’ll return to your dentist at Dental Experts in Hutto for a permanent crown. You will need a permanent crown, which your dentist will fit you for after you’ve undergone some healing.

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