Space Maintainers

Space Maintainers in Hutto TX

Has your child lost a tooth due to a dental injury? Wondering what happens if your child loses a tooth too early? At Dental Experts we are proud to offer space maintainers in Pflugerville, TX for patients that have lost a tooth too early and are interested in maintaining the space for their permanent tooth that will erupt. Not quite sure if a space maintainer is the best option for your little one’s smile? Feel free to schedule a consultation with Dental Experts. We would be happy to evaluate your child’s smile and oral health to determine if a space maintainer is the best option.

About Space Maintainers

A space maintainer is a dental appliance which is customized for each patient and their exact smile. Space maintainers are often made using plastic or metal, depending upon your preference and various factors. Space maintainers can be fixed or removable as well, depending upon the child and the preference of the parent. For younger children, a fixed space maintainer may be a better option to avoid losing it.

Space maintainers are used to maintain the space in between teeth when a tooth is lost too early. Space maintainers prevent other teeth from shifting or becoming misaligned, preventing the permanent tooth from properly erupting.

Why Space Maintainers?

When a child loses a tooth too early, it can actually have a big impact on the health of function of their smile. Baby teeth help hold the spot for permanent teeth, when they are lost early, shifting and misalignment of other adjacent teeth can occur, blocking the spot where the primary tooth should have properly erupted. This can impact the appearance, function and even health of your child’s smile, resulting in the need for more costly treatment down the road.

Space Maintainer Aftercare

When it comes to caring for your child’s space maintainer, you should be sure to clean it properly daily. Debris, bacteria, and plaque can easily become trapped in the space maintainer.

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