Why Are My Child’s Baby Teeth So White?

Why Are My Child’s Baby Teeth So White?

Oct 01, 2019

Are you reaching out for your telephone to make that call to the pediatric dentist in Hutto, TX to inquire why your child’s baby teeth are so white? The dentist you have chosen to call specializes in dentistry for children and will be happy to answer your question. The answer provided may even lead you to believe this is the children dentist near you that can best handle your child’s dental issues. However, to put your concerns at rest we are providing you some answers to your question.

What Is the Reason For the Whiteness In Your Child’s Baby Teeth?

Your child until the age of six or thereabouts has deciduous teeth which are also known as primary or baby teeth which fall out to be replaced by permanent teeth. The American Dental Association has clarified that baby teeth will start appearing in a child’s mouth from around the age of six months to continue until he or she is about six years. The baby teeth have an important role to play to help the child learn to chew and speak serving as placeholders to save the spot for the permanent teeth that will erupt eventually. Here are some differences between the deciduous and permanent teeth to make you understand the differences in the whiteness.

Differences In The Deciduous Teeth Contribute To the Whiteness

According to the American Academy Of Pediatrics, the enamel on deciduous teeth is thinner than on permanent teeth. Therefore, it makes the child’s baby tooth look whiter than permanent teeth. Children with a mix of primary and permanent teeth will make it easy to see the yellow color of the permanent teeth more than on primary teeth. It is the thinner enamel on the primary teeth, sugar intake, and inadequate fluoride treatment that lead to a rapid decay in primary teeth which is also known as baby bottle tooth decay. Therefore, it is important to visit the kids’ dentist regularly to begin good oral health care habits.

The Difference In the Structure Of the Teeth Is Also A Contributing Factor

Primary teeth are designed to fall out and therefore their roots are different when compared to permanent teeth. Deciduous teeth have roots that are thinner and shorter than permanent teeth. The shortness of the roots in primary teeth makes it easier for them to dissolve when the time arrives for them to fall out to make space for the permanent teeth to form beneath them.

The Number of Teeth Also Have A Role to Play

People are generally known to have 20 primary teeth and 32 permanent teeth apart from four wisdom teeth. A child’s mouth is much smaller than adults and does not have the room necessary for 8 to 12 molars at the back of the mouth. The jaw lengthens as they grow to make space for additional teeth.

Caring for Deciduous Teeth

Deciduous teeth often do not receive any protection because they are designed to fall out. However, it is just as important to provide tender care for the deciduous teeth just as one would do with permanent teeth. It is beneficial to start children with good oral hygiene routine for protecting their deciduous teeth. It’s also a good idea to have children visit a dentist regularly. A kids dentist can keep an eye on the development of teeth and rectify any problems with the child’s teeth as needed.

Educating children about the need to care for their teeth from a young age will not only protect the teeth but will also instill confidence in the child about the benefit of having a good smile.

Your child’s baby teeth are looking whiter simply because of the thinner enamel on their teeth. You need to understand these are deciduous teeth which will fall out as permanent teeth begin to erupt. You can certainly visit a pediatric dentist in Hutto, TX or any children dentist near you to inquire about this phenomenon which looks different. However, the answer provided by the dentist will in every likelihood be similar to what has been mentioned in this article. The lack of information may be tempting you to make inquiries by contacting a kids dentist but we suggest you put your concerns to rest because it is a natural phenomenon.